Some Parent Testimonials

“Today, after my children finished singing a beautiful song they had learned at Maxi’s After School Program, it occurred to me how lucky I am to have their support when I am going to graduate school. They are known for their kindness and service in the community. The best part of Maxi’s is that you would never think twice about the safety, and the quality of care and learning that your children will get over there. The art work that my kids bring home is so beautiful and is always accompanied by introduction to the influential artists. One time a friend of ours saw my kids’ work and was ready to buy it and take it home.  They encourage and support the kids to do their homework so when my kids are home we just have quality time with little to no concern about homework. That feels just great. I absolutely recommend Maxi’s After School program to all the caring parents.”

“We had been looking for a good After School for a while. At first, our kids were going to the one by their school. There were too many kids at that place, it was like a zoo. Our kids couldn’t get the proper attention they needed. Then, we found Maxi’s After School Program through a friend of ours that their daughter was going there. It was like a miracle. Maxi’s has a warm and caring environment that makes the kids feel at home. Fariba and Zoe are very professional and friendly. They help kids with her homework, read to them, help them create various artworks, and sometimes take them for quick nature walks in the backyard or the nearby Bubb Park. It has been over 2 years since our kids started going to Maxi’s. As a father, I feel very happy that my kids are at good hands and safe at there. We are very fortunate to be part of the Maxi’s After School family.”

“I feel so fortunate to have found Maxi’s After School Program. As most parents are, I was terribly selective about what would be the right fit for our son and daughter. I never thought that an after school could matter so much. Maxi’s After School Program is a dream come true. Their staffs are high quality professionals with attention to child developmental and knowledgeable in techniques for helping children reach their fullest potential. Maxi’s is a warm, caring and safe environment. I see that dedication in small ways every time I drop off and pick up. Since I cannot be the one to guide my kids during the day, I’m so happy it is Fariba and Zoe with whom my kids are doing so much of their growing up. Lastly, Maxi’s after school has revealed my kids hidden talents. They are not only doing their homework but also learning about science, art, nature and more. They are always happy and feel at home at Maxi’s. We are glad to be part of the Maxi’s after school family.”

“This is the second year our daughter is going to Maxi’s after school program, and what would be more telling about the quality of their program than the fact that everyday she comes back from Maxi’s in a happy and relaxed mood. She truly enjoys the rich activities there, has made very good friends, and loves both Auntie Fariba and Auntie Zoe.”

“We have been sending our daughter to Maxi’s Afterschool Program for almost 3 years now and we absolutely love them. Since we do not have any family members nearby, Fariba and Zoe are the people we trust most with our daughter. Before we found Maxi’s, we used to send her to “bigger” daycares like Peninsula Day Care and YMCA but the quality of care provided was not satisfactory to us because they have too many kids! As the saying goes, “You pay peanuts, you get monkey!” The bigger daycare centers may be cheaper but we decided that we would rather pay slightly more at Maxi’s if we can get excellent quality and attention for our daughter. We love the environment at Maxi’s because it is very homely and cozy. Plus, since it is a family business, they have the same values. No staff with questionable background. Both ladies spend a lot of time with the children, not just “watching” them but also nurturing and guiding them. Their extra activities are simply amazing too; visiting authors to chat with the kids about writing books; trip to a nearby beekeeper so that the kids could learn about bees and honey; gardening project where the kids learn about plants and nature, etc. I highly recommend Maxi’s because I know that my daughter will be safe and happy in the care of these two kind and gentle ladies.”

“Our kids have been going to Maxi’s for the past two years. We are so fortunate to have found the After School Program. Maxi’s is not like a typical after school. Here, the kids are not just playing while waiting for their parents to pick them up. At Maxi’s, kids play games and learn a lot while having fun. Maxi’s staff (Fariba and Zoe) help them with their homework, teach them math, science, art work, good manner and much more. The ladies are very kind and caring. Maxi’s After School Program has everything that parents have wished for.”

“We feel so fortunate to have found Maxi’s After School program when we moved to the area two years ago. Our daughter was starting Kinder at Bubb school and we needed to find a caring environment for her to be in for the afternoons—and Maxi’s is just that! Both Fariba and Zoe are remarkably kind and loving with the children in their care, and are incredibly creative with their wonderful art projects and seasonal activities. We really appreciate their consistent focus on kindness and values, and that each child’s uniqueness is acknowledged and respected. In addition, the children have lots of gentle support doing homework, creative play, learning about art and history, and wonderful healthy snacks too. We’re grateful to be part of the Maxi’s After School program “extended family!” ”

“We are so lucky to have found Maxi’s. We needed an after-school program in middle of the school year and when took our kids for the first time to look at the Maxi’s we immediately fell in love with it. Our son and daughter were very happy and comfortable with Fariba and Zoe from day 1. These two ladies are very caring and attentive to our kids needs. They have become a part of our family. Maxi’s has become a great place for our kids to have fun and learn new things after school.”

“Maxi’s After School Program provides a safe, convenient and nurturing environment for the Bubb children.  Because of its size, the children get more attention and one-on-one time.  Not only do they finish most of their homework there, they learn a lot of cultural, art, geography knowledge – in a way, what we can only expect at a private school. My child has great relationship with both Auntie Fariba and Auntie Zoe, and I can tell she is having a good time there every day.”

“Zoe and Fariba’s have build an after school program that is warm, structured, and fun – and one which our child looks forward to going to each day.  We love the warm homey environment after a very long day in the classroom and the individual care and attention that Fariba and Zoey provide. Our child can do homework, learn, play, and be a part of a small community of children who are both friends and role models.  Our child likes the art projects, weekly learnings, and exposure to new things. Each week Fariba and Zoe teach a lesson and then tie the less into fun projects. They inspire a love of learning by teaching in multiple dimensions. Our child comes home with stories of the Wright Brothers and airplanes, Monet and Warhol drawings, fresh baked bread, and more. What’s not to like!  They oversee homework activities on a daily basis which is incredibly helpful for two busy working parents.
Last, we really like the community that Fariba, Zoe, and the children have built. The kids really enjoy each others company which makes it feel very homey to them and us”

“Fariba and  Zoe are excellent caretakers who educate, discipline and teach the kids to respect each other. My son loved Maxi’s , would definitely enroll for next year. Kids get to learn good values and appreciate each other.”

“Our daughter wants to go there every day and is upset if whenever we pick her up just a bit earlier.”

“What is not to love about this place. Fariba helped me out last year when I needed someone to watch my son. I am very happy with the love and attention , my child receives.  He is always learning about history, doing art projects based on famous artists. He has snack time and homework time. After homework the kids play. When my youngest son starts at Bubb , he too will go to Maxi’s. I cant say it enough they are FABULOUS and your kids will Love it here.”

“My daughter has been at Maxi’s now for 3 months and she absolutely loves it. She comes home and tell us all about the things she is learning there. Lately, they have been “traveling the world” learning about people, customs and languages. They also do a lot of art, learning different mediums and talking about famous artists. A big plus for us is that she gets to do her homework while at Maxi’s and you can be sure it is well done. Fariba and Zohreh really take care of the kids and teach them how to be a whole person.”