A Snapshot of a Typical Day at Maxi’s After School Program
After the kids are picked up and arrive here, they wash up and get their snacks and sit around the tables. We encourage each one of them to share something of interest with everyone, something they have learned, a special place they have visited and so on, to encourage them to speak about a topic and to gradually lose their shyness. This can be the beginnings of their ability for public speaking.
Picking fruit to make our own fruit roll-ups

For a couple years we were able to pick fruit from a neighbour’s tree and make our own fruit roll-ups

We also read and share with them additional topics during this time to enrich their learning. We talk about the lives, challenges and perseverance of different scientists, painters, historical figures to help the children set higher goals in life and to not be afraid of challenges that they may face in their lives and to keep going when faced with challenges. We talk about the science of nutrition and the importance of healthy eating. We read and share about different places in the world, different cultures, natural and physical phenomena and much much more.
Guest reader, Sue Fliess, reading from her book "Shoes for Me."

Guest reader, Sue Fliess, getting ready to read from her book “Shoes for Me.”

Next  time segment is dedicated to rest and or reading. Some kids need the rest to unwind from a long day at school, though not often. Everyone enjoys reading. Those who read without help read to themselves and those who are in need of coaching and encouragement, read to one of us.
Everyone loves Reading Time

Everyone loves Reading Time

Then it is time for homework (anyone who needs more time, can continue).  Although we are not a tutoring center, we try to help everyone with the subject they are struggling with as much as we can.  We ask the parent to tell us what part of homework they need us to focus on, since there may not be enough time to complete all the assignments.  Not having a specific request from parents, we help the children understand and complete their workbook.  Remembering each child develops in their own time.
Busy doing homework

Busy doing homework

At this point in the day we usually do some art, play games, solve puzzles, write books or journals.
Around 5 usually on Thursdays and Fridays they have some time to play with each other. This helps them in their social skills development.

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We also pride ourselves in taking advantage of teachable moments and discuss what is the best way to solve a problem, what is proper behavior and what is not, using our manners, why a certain behavior is good or not, what we should learn from an experience, how to improve ourselves and so on.