About Us

We are two sister-in-laws who felt the need for a small, high quality, peaceful, caring,  family owned After School Program. So in October 2009 we decided to open Maxi’s After School Program and by Feb 2010 we had our first clients. We have been very happy with that decision from that moment on. We both take so much joy from doing this. It feels great to see a child be excited to come to Maxi’s and feel right at home, to be able to provide a safe environment for the children, with the two of us  right there making sure everyone is treated with kindness and respect. It is wonderful to observe how children take so much joy out of learning.

Auntie Zoe

Auntie Zoe

Zohreh (Auntie Zoe) has raised three wonderful children of her own.  She has a degree in Comparative Literature from UCLA and another degree in English Literature.  In addition to raising her children, she has assisted in classrooms, is a Sunday school teacher, and teaches Farsi language classes to children and young adults.

vesal-fariba-1 copy

Auntie Fariba

Fariba (Auntie Fariba) has raised two wonderful children of her own also.  She is also a proud grandmother of 3 wonderful grandchildren.

She is an Engineer. When her children were young she had a small family day care for 8 years, and still keeps in touch with many of the families.  In addition, she also served as a classroom assistant, as well as provided in-class tutoriing.

Maxi rug


 And Maxi is Auntie Fariba’s little dog, who all kids fall in love with and remember his name before our names. He is very good with children and loves their company.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Maxi in February 2021. He will be missed.